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Cattel, DYP protocol for fish products as if freshly caught

Quality, safety and zero waste for HORECA

14, Mar 2024

Cattel and Fiorital in partnership to guarantee very fresh fish to the HORECA channel. Two leading Italian companies in their market of expertise, one in the distribution of food products in Northern Italy, the other in the distribution of fish products in the European market. A collaboration that has been active for years, today increasingly solid thanks to the DYP protocol: an innovative project that allows it to distribute Extra quality fish products to the entire HORECA channel, frozen at extreme temperatures so as not to alternate flavor or consistency. The careful selection of origin and raw materials, the ultra-rapid freezing at extreme temperatures (from -60° to -120° C), the rigorous maintenance of storage temperatures along the entire supply chain at -50° C and the systematic analyzes on all products guarantee fish of the best quality, coming from all over the world, as fresh as if they were just caught.

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