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The Meat Industry

Follow with us the evolution of the world of meat

From the processing plant to the point of sales

The beef, pork, poultry and lamb meat sector is changing fast to accelerate technological innovation and keep up with the evolution of the market

Lifestyles and eating habits have changed. The consumer has new needs and is starting to use digital channels as well. There is more awareness of the meat product, cuts and breeds. We look for quality but also for savings, ready to eat and better service. Every month through the pages of Eurocarni we keep you updated with the evolution of this world. And with our Yearbook Euro Annuario Carne you always have access to an updated database.

Trends, news, products and protagonists

We work to keep you update with product and technology news. We follow the evolution of the market, production and consumption and  catch trends in advance in a constantly changing scenario. Just for you!

Follow our“special issues” on ready-to-eat and ready-to-cook meat products
In each issue updates on packaging and technologies
Read the reports on the most innovative companies and on the protagonists of the meat world
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