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A year of “Insuperabili”: Veroni Salumi main sponsor of the non-profit organisation in the name of sport

In the new 2022-2023 season, the historic delicatessen of Correggio will inaugurate the partnership with a rich list of events and initiatives that will involve the 650 athletes of the football school that for 10 years has been building new scenarios of growth and integration for children with disabilities

01, Dec 2022

Veroni Salumi opens a new chapter alongside the Insuperabili, a reality that has given full meaning to inclusiveness in sport, guaranteeing, with the birth of a network of football schools, new models of growth and integration for boys and girls with disabilities.  Main partner for the entire 2022-2023 season, the historic delicatessen, born in Correggio (RE) in 1925, will accompany the 650 “Insuperabili” athletes of the 17 locations throughout Italy along a path full of events, activities and challenges, focusing on the strength that sport infuses and on fun, but also on the pleasure of conviviality and proper nutrition.

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