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Salamini Italiani alla Cacciatora PDO: in 2023 production to increase compared to the previous year

Exports hold at 30% and pre-sliced continues to grow strongly

06, Mar 2024

Certified production of Salamini Italiani alla Cacciatora PDO closed 2023 with a positive trend, up 0.8% with 4,138,617 kg produced.

If we look at 2022, which had closed negative by a few percentage points compared to the previous year, the result of the year that has just ended shows a recovery trend and thus demonstrates the appreciation of this Italian excellence, which consumers increasingly prefer as it is recognised as a superior quality cured meat, with an unmistakable taste, produced with 100% Italian raw material. 

As far as exports are concerned, around 30% of the product is sold abroad, a percentage that has been consolidated in recent years. This means that the PDO has managed to create its own market even outside the national borders. The product's main destination countries are once again those of the European Union, Germany in first place, followed by Belgium and France.

In Italy, which absorbs 70% of certified production, 61% of the PDO was distributed in the modern channel (large-scale retail trade) and the remaining 39% in the remaining channels.

Positive data also for sliced products in trays, which consolidated its growth trend of previous years, registering a 6% increase compared to 2022, confirming the practicality of use and convenience of stocking up in this format.

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