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Pecorino Romano DOP and pasta, the perfect marriage of two gastronomic excellences

The encounter between pasta and Pecorino Romano DOP has given rise to incredible recipes known all over the world, the four most famous being Carbonara, Cacio e Pepe, Amatriciana and Gricia. To be prepared on World Pasta Day, which is celebrated on 25 October, and as often as possible

17, Oct 2022

What Carbonara would be without Pecorino Romano DOP? And how could we enjoy Cacio e Pepe, Amatriciana or Gricia without the ingredient that most of all gives flavour, intensity and character to the dish? Dishes that are cornerstones of tradition, whose indispensable ingredient is the world's oldest, most appreciated and loved sheep's milk cheese: Pecorino Romano DOP. And how pasta is the undisputed queen of international tables is also demonstrated by the fact that a day has been dedicated to it. FOn 25 October, for the 24th year Her Majesty Pasta is celebrated in all its splendour, a food that reminds us of the value and beauty of sharing a meal.

The idea of World Pasta Day was born during the first world congress of pasta producers, in Rome, 26 years ago: everyone agreed on the need to promote it with a dedicated initiative.

For the president of the Pecorino Romano DOP Protection Consortium, Gianni Maoddi, «Pecorino Romano gives the palates of those who taste it, either on its own or as an indispensable ingredient of the most important traditional dishes, scents of boundless pastures and pure air, of uncontaminated environments and of the processing that is the result of skilful hands and secrets handed down from generation to generation. Even on World Pasta Day, Pecorino Romano will be able to be appreciated in all its exceptional characteristics».

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