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Coloured gorgonzola? It does not exhist!

The reply from the president of the Consorzio di Tutela, following statements by a British scholar

08, Feb 2024

Regarding what was reported yesterday by some news agencies, relating to a British study by prof. Paul Dyer of the University of Nottingham published in Npj Science of Food, according to which the Gorgonzola of the future could have yellow-green veins or even become pink or red-brown, the president of the Gorgonzola Consortium Antonio Auricchio clarifies: "I believe that there is a big misunderstanding that, as the Protection Consortium, we would like to clarify. We must not confuse Gorgonzola Dop and blue cheeses. Our Gorgonzola is certainly part of this great global family of cheeses, defined in English as "blue-cheese", but the two terms do not coincide".

"The English research according to which it is possible to produce blue cheeses with imaginative colored veins certainly cannot concern Gorgonzola which is a PDO product made following a rigid production specification which also defines its appearance and color in a very precise way. The art. 3 of the Specifications, in fact, states verbatim that the Gorgonzola Dop paste must be "solid, straw-white in colour, mottled by the development of mold with blue-greenish and/or grey-blue veins", concludes Auricchio.

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Novara, NO, Italy, 02/07/2024 18:28
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