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24 October marks the 10th “Mortadella Day”, the 361st birthday of mortadella

On 24 October 1661, 361 years ago, Cardinal Farnese issued a proclamation codifying, for the first time, the production of Mortadella, effectively establishing the first Mortadella Bologna specifications, similar to today’s IGP. For this reason, the Italian Consortium for the Protection of Mortadella Bologna has, for several years now, chosen the date of 24 October to celebrate this anniversary, organising a day of celebration called Mortadella Day

21, Oct 2022

Mortadella Day this year will be held in two squares: one virtual and the other real.

In the first, using the hashtag #MortadellaDay, all those who love Mortadella Bologna will be able to share their passion for the Bologna sausage by posting photos, recipes, etc.

The real piazza will be in Rome, chosen for the transversal nature of Mortadella consumption, which is appreciated throughout Italy without distinction of age or gender: Lazio, with 2.5 million kg sold, is the second region for consumption of Mortadella Bologna, after Lombardy and before Emilia-Romagna. The event will take place inside the Mercato Centrale in Via Giolitti 36, a few steps from Roma Termini station. Competing against each other will be the young Roman starred chef Antonio Ziantoni, of the ZiaRestaurant in Trastevere, Piazza San Cosimato, the French chef Bernard Fournier, of the Da Candida restaurant in Campione d'Italia, and the Emilia-Romagna chef Daniele Reponi (in photo). Leading the contest between the three chefs will be the journalist and television presenter Federica De Denaro.

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