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Acetaia Giusti and La Collina dei Ciliegi present “Riserva Privata” and “Amarone en primeur”

From Balsamic Vinegar of Modena to Amarone della Valpolicella, the projects of Acetaia Giusti and La Collina dei Ciliegi to create a private reserve by adopting a cask

18, Oct 2022

Exclusive experiences dedicated to food&wine lovers who want to create their own private reserve, but also to investors who want to dedicate themselves to the “Pleasure Asset”. Acetaia Giusti and La Collina dei Ciliegi presented the “Riserva Privata” and “Amarone en primeur” projects at the Giusti Boutique in Milan. Their common denominator is the creation of special reserves of Balsamic Vinegar of Modena and Amarone della Valpolicella.

For Acetaia Giusti and La Collina dei Ciliegi, the new frontier of food&wine excellence passes through the creation of private reserves. Whether the aim is to produce one’s own private reserve to give as a gift or to invest in an asset with a guaranteed return, the experience of adopting a set of casks for the production of Balsamic Vinegar of Modena or a cask of Amarone is a special moment that allows the customer to experience at first hand the production of a product of excellence Made in Italy, its history and traditions.

Giusti Riserva Privata is Acetaia Giusti’s project for the ad personam creation of a private reserve through the adoption, for exclusive use, of one of the most historic batteries of casks used for the ageing of Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena and always owned by the Giusti family. The result is a precious wooden case containing its own Private Reserve of about 2 litres, divided into ampoules of different sizes: 2 bottles in 500ml format for collection or private use; 5 in 100ml format for the family and 10 in 40 ml format to give to friends and loved ones. Each bottle is personalised with the customer's name and the adopted battery — which remains in the historic Acetaia Giusti — will be marked with a plaque bearing the date of collection and the customer's name. Throughout the adoption period, it is possible to follow each stage of ageing and deepen one’s knowledge of the history and tradition of Balsamic Vinegar of Modena through interactive experiences such as newsletters, video calls, virtual or on-site visits, according to one's own Private Reserve project. In addition, the customer can check the status of the project in their reserved area at

For Claudio Stefani Giusti, CEO of Acetaia Giusti: «Giusti Riserva Privata is an experience that allows you to create your own reserve of a product that has always been a family product, exclusive and intended for private consumption or gift. With this project we also want to offer a similar experience to a public of enthusiasts not exclusively from Modena».

Amarone en primeur is the La Collina dei Ciliegi project designed for those who want to invest in Amarone “Ciliegio” Cru Valpantena. Launched in 2018, the project was the first of its kind in Italy and involved investors including entrepreneurs, managers, heads of investment funds and financial companies, partners of law firms, television columnists, journalists and winelovers, for a portfolio of 64 225-litre barriques. The barrels are purchased during the ageing phase at the end of which investors can choose between three bottling formats: Classic 0.75-litre, Magnum 1.5-litre and Jeroboam 3-litre. Afterwards, the investor can decide whether to withdraw the Amarone Ciliegio or continue the ageing process by storing their bottles in the cellar's vault at the optimum temperature and humidity for conservation.

For Massimo Gianolli, president of La Collina dei Ciliegi: «Unlike in France, where the wine placed on the market can be subject to downward fluctuations with respect to the price paid en primeur, our formula aims to guarantee not only investment but also profitability, sustaining prices through a minimum 10% increase year on year. To date, the number of investors has risen to 56 with 64 barrels sold».

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