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Ladies and Gentlemen, the Revolution is served!

Identità Milano, the Congress of Haute Cuisine, Haute Patisserie and Room Service scheduled from 28 to 30 January 2023 at MI.Co. in Milan, returns

28, Oct 2022

Identità Milano, the International Congress of Haute Cuisine, Haute Patisserie and Room Service returns to Mi.Co in Milan from Saturday 28 to Monday 30 January 2023, for its 18th edition, with a theme that looks to the future: Ladies and Gentlemen, the revolution is served

Identità Golose once again confirms itself as a tireless hothouse of ideas and debates, putting great chefs, masters of hospitality, artisans, producers, but also exponents from the world of culture, economics and television at the centre. A reality that is never the same but constantly ready to renew itself, in the light of a commitment that Paolo Marchi and Claudio Ceroni, the founders of Identità Golose, have been pursuing for almost twenty years: a long period of time during which they have never failed to research the world of Italian and international food and wine, always with an eye to current events and their changes and upheavals. 

A topicality that has prompted profound reflection over the last few months: in this situation, Identità Milano wants to be a witness and spokesperson for the urgency of positive change that is sweeping through all areas of the food and wine sector, through an edition that promises to be revolutionary.  

Since its inception, the Identità Golose congress has existed above all for this reason. Today it returns to reaffirm, more than ever before, its mission to narrate change and innovation, with an edition that will see not only the great international protagonists take turns on stage but also many young people, all united by a great desire for redemption.

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