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Mortadella Favola at the movie theatre for the 2022 Christmas

Salumificio Mec Palmieri becomes the star of the silver screen: from 22 December 2022 to 6 January 2023, the Mortadella Favola commercial will be shown in participating cinemas

22, Dec 2022

From 22 December to 6 January, Mortadella Favola will be the protagonist in Italian cinemas: the evocative advertising campaign signed by the Armando Testa Studios production company for the Mec Palmieri salami factory will be broadcast in the halls of the Rai Pubblicità cinema circuit, anticipating the most awaited screenings of the year . The commercial, whose setting is particularly suitable for the Christmas period, will be in over 150 structures and for a total of 726 screens throughout Italy.

"We are delighted with this presence in Italian cinemas, an opportunity to introduce Mortadella Favola to a wider and more receptive public - says Francesco Palmieri, CEO of Salumificio Mec Palmieri. Through this initiative, our company confirms a growing attention to communication, with the awareness that it represents an indispensable tool for telling its own story, made up of craftsmanship, family tradition and quality".

On the big screen, in the dark of the room and for the duration of 45” a succession of images, he tells the life of every day as a series of many small moments of happiness. Fragments of joy that have as their protagonist the tale of Mortadella Favola del Salumificio Mec Palmieri. Creativity combines six small narratives that intersect each other to become a choral tale: a dinner in an enchanted forest, a prince charming in pajamas who saves his little princess from a party gone wrong, a young chef capable of transforming a pumpkin in something extraordinary, a father who returns home and finds a surprise waiting for him, a grandfather who plays with his grandson, a child who finds himself in the land of toys in a delicatessen. A harmonious common thread with Mortadella Favola at the center of the story: a product of excellence, one of a kind, capable of igniting smiles and bringing magic.

The commercial "Mortadella Favola - The taste of happy living" is available at the following link:

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