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Mortadella Bologna PGI: first nine months of growth

From January to September, production increased by 1.9%, sales by 4.4% and sliced products in trays by 10.3%

06, Dec 2022

The growth of Mortadella Bologna PGI on the domestic market continues, with over 28 million kilos in the first nine months of the year (data provided by the control body IFCQ certifications), recording a 1.9% increase in production, a 4.4% increase in sales, and a 10.3% increase in sliced products.

«We are extremely pleased with this performance of the Salumi Pink Queen, which confirms itself as the second best-selling cured meat in Italy with consumption across the board from children to adults, including grandparents. The reason for this success is due to a combination of factors that can be traced back first of all to the fact that Mortadella Bologna, as a PGI-protected cured meat, fully satisfies the growing consumer demand for high quality, certified and guaranteed agri-food products» says the President of the Italian Consortium for the Protection of Mortadella Bologna, Guido Veroni. «Secondly, the consumption of Mortadella Bologna has always been associated with moments of conviviality to be enjoyed together with loved ones, and at a time in history characterised by an uncertain international situation, mortadella guarantees the certainty of the value of a true comfort food».

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