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When the recipe is the perfect Christmas welcome

A Christmas recipe by Maria Teresa di Marco, La Cucina di Calycanthus, for IVSI-Istituto Valorizzazione Salumi Italiani, is perfect for bringing joy, celebrating the ancient adage that says: “Happiness is only genuine if shared”

21, Dec 2022

Christmas is only a few days away and during these days people are usually looking for the right recipe to surprise their guests. The pleasure of being able to organise several lunches and dinners with friends and relatives leads to experimentation and in this, cured meats are the perfect ingredient: with these products in the kitchen, the real limit is the imagination. IVSI-Istituto Valorizzazione Salumi Italiani asked Maria Teresa di Marco, soul of La Cucina di Calycanthus, for help.

Braided crown of fruit and cold cuts is the name of the creation proposed by Maria Teresa Di Marco. A perfect preparation to accompany a welcome aperitif, able to make holiday lunches and dinners special. This wreath is ideal for a light welcome: when hosting someone for a lunch or dinner, in fact, it is important to create a cordial atmosphere from the outset, presenting our guests with a light dish that is beautiful to look at and good to taste. This is the key to accompanying them to the main courses. It is the most important moment, that of the aperitif, in which we greet friends and relatives and begin to celebrate the occasion. The proposed combination also celebrates the organoleptic and nutritional characteristics of fruit and cold cuts, combined and presented in a truly surprising crown. A fresh and light-tasting dish.

Ingredients and preparation

150 g of coppa

150 g of mortadella

150 g of bresaola

150 g of salami

6 figs

1 red apple, 1 small pear

1 small grape, 1 pomegranate

15 raspberries (approx.), 10 blackberries (approx.)

150 ml Cognac or Armagnac (optional)

Weave the olive branches together, forming a circle. It may help to arrange a large plate in the centre and build the garland around the outer edge of the plate, tying the olive branches at strategic points with thin wire. Once it is ready, place it in its final location (plate, tray, chopping board, riser, etc.). If you opt for the alcoholic version, cut the pears and apples into cross slices and soak them in cognac for at least an hour, then leave them to dry. Then peel the pomegranate and remove the casing from the sausages to be sliced. Cut the salami into regular slices, not too thin, and set the slices aside. Cut each slice of mortadella in two, fold each half-slice over to form a strip and roll it up. Slice the coppa into thin slices and form the skewers by alternating the fruit and cold cuts, then carefully arrange them on the crown. Complete with rosemary sprigs, more fruit and pomegranate seeds.

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