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Gusto, European project for 4 Tuscan excellences

PDO and PGI consortia made in Tuscany join forces in the three-year initiative co-financed by the EU

29, Dec 2022

Consumers, European ones in particular, buy and consume products of excellence, especially if they have a designation of origin. The most attentive consortia are aware of this, especially in territories such as Tuscany, a region that is increasingly attentive to its agri-food sector. Confirmation, if needed, came last October from BuyFood, the international showcase of Florence, according to which the certified made in Tuscany agrifood production is growing and does so at a rapid pace: from 2015 to today the production value of PDO products and Igp registered a growth of 45%, three times more than the percentage registered at national level.

It is no coincidence that Tuscany continues in the direction of satisfying the demand and transmitting knowledge of its four excellences: Tuscan pecorino DOP, Tuscan ham DOP, finocchiona IGP and Tuscan extra virgin olive oil IGP. To accelerate in this direction, a project called Gusto has been launched, an acronym for Guarantee, uniqueness, flavour, tradition, origin.

It is a three-year project, co-financed by the EU, dedicated to the promotion and enhancement of excellent food and wine products whose quality is guaranteed by the PDO and PGI brands. The intent of the project is "to spread the knowledge of these gastronomic products of excellence" but also "to increase the awareness of Italian and European consumers regarding sustainability, food safety and the organoleptic characteristics of the foods in question, so as to become itself a real motivational lever to purchase".

The recipients of the activities will be the consumers, involved through actions in direct contact and promotional activities on the market. The project provides for a diversification of activities based on the target markets: Germany and Italy.

German sector professionals will be directed to activities that will involve them directly: German consumers will, on the other hand, be directed to promotional activities through social media and activities in restaurants. A television commercial will be created for Italian consumers, the aim of which will be to increase the visibility of the four ambassadors of Taste and of the project itself.

"Behind the purchase of the four products we find a reality made of sustainability, food safety and organoleptic typicality of food -explains the vice president and regional councilor for agro-food, Stefania Saccardi-. Above all, the value of the Gusto project is to diversify the activities in based on the target markets: Germany and Italy, a busy program that aims to increase the visibility of our four ambassadors of Taste and consolidate them both in our country and in Europe”.

The protagonists of the initiative, we said, are:

The Tuscan Pecorino Consortium. Born on February 27, 1985, today it includes about 900 farms, 19 dairies, two maturers and a packer.
The Tuscan Ham Consortium PDO. Born in 1990 on the initiative of a group of Tuscan producers, its mission is to protect and promote the product on domestic and foreign markets, always maintaining close ties with Tuscany. Today, the 21 members of the consortium represent over 98% of the certified production of Tuscan DOP ham, recognition obtained in 1996.
The Consortium for the protection of Finocchiona PGI. Born in 2015 with the aim of enhancing, promoting and protecting this excellent product, today it brings together 40 producers who export this product to 28 countries around the world.
The Consortium for the protection of Tuscan PGI extra virgin olive oil. It was born in 1997: in 1998 the Tuscan denomination obtained the recognition of the protected geographical indication. It has over 8,000 members distributed throughout the region and is representative of the entire chain of producers, mills and bottlers. The Tuscan brand and its production specification guarantee that all stages of production, from the olive harvest, pressing to packaging, take place in Tuscany

Florence, FI, Italy, 28/12/2022 21:53
EFA News - European Food Agency

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