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Cinta Senese, ten years of PDO

The anniversary of the prestigious award celebrated in Florence

25, Oct 2022

A birthday that deserved to be celebrated, that of ten years since the PDO was granted to Cinta Senese. And so it was, with a ceremony held in Florence during the conference on “L’agroalimentare toscano” (Tuscan agro-foods), as part of the “BuyFood” event.
To commemorate the important anniversary, Stefania Saccardi, vice-president of the Region of Tuscany, presented a certificate to Daniele Baruffaldi, president of the Consorzio di tutela della Cinta Senese (Consortium for the protection of the Cinta Senese), emphasising that this prized breed of pig represents “an excellence of food culture, a guarantee of protection of the territory of origin, valorisation of territorial resources, and effective social and economic development”. And again, a “know-how that interprets contemporaneity and centuries-old history, ambassador of the authenticity of Tuscany and Italy”.
The president of the Consorzio Baruffaldi, in thanking for the recognition, noted how all those characteristics highlighted during the conference, necessary for the development of quality agro-foods, i.e. sustainability, history, culture, and ties with the territory, have always been linked to Cinta breeding. A breeding made by men who are passionately committed and by their stories, so much so that the Consortium's logo puts them in the foreground with the high-impact wording “Porcari Toscani”.

It was on 15 March 2012 that the European Community recognised the Protected Designation of Origin for the Cinta Senese (reserved exclusively for pork from animals born, raised and slaughtered in Tuscany according to tradition), due to the unique peculiarities of this breed, which lives in the wild and semi-wild in the region’s pastures and forests, feeding on the fruits of the forest, grass and cereals. A type of feeding that gives its meat a unique taste that is appreciated in Italy and abroad.

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