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Federpesca: additional days avoided

Good Fishing Stop Decree 2024

21, Jun 2024

"The decree on the 2024 fishing ban - published on 20 June and signed by Minister Lollobrigida - represents an important step in the direction we had hoped for to move away from an activity management that in recent years has been based exclusively on negations and not on opportunities. The combination of policies aimed solely at limiting the fishing effort, through the systematic reduction of activities, and the increase in production costs, due to the increase in the price of diesel oil, has caused a state of suffering in the fishing fleets that is unprecedented and which had to be stopped.
Instead, we hope that the current approach, albeit with margins for improvement, will be able to put in place a new phase aimed at ensuring greater flexibility in business activity, allowing each company to organise its own business activity, while respecting real social and economic, as well as environmental, sustainability. An innovation that will require the commitment and responsibility of everyone, as well as continuous monitoring of the situation aimed at intervening on the critical profiles represented by operators, but which today represents an important paradigm shift with a view to simplifying activities and abandoning sterile managerial rigidity,' Federpesca said in a note.


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