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The fish and seafood industry

The seafood sector today and tomorrow

From fish farming to the point of sales

The aquaculture and fisheries sector is in full development. Follow it with us

The fish and seafood industry is undertaking structural changes to keep up with the market and with the increasing demand for nnovative and sustainable products and services. The data outline a production sector projected to a constant growth in consumption and in this scenario the role of aquaculture is and will be more and more strategic.

Trends, news, products and protagonists

Our job is to keep you update with product and technology news. We follow the evolution of the market, fish farming, processing and consumption, to catch trends in advance in a constantly changing scenario.

At the shop the offer keeps changing to satisfy a demanding consumer
Sustanable aquaculture, present and future of the fish industry
The fish industry, a world to preserve in its development
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