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The world of cured meats and top quality Italian food products

Come with us to discover the food heritage of Italy

From the producer to the delicatessen shop

The delicatessen shop has regained its market share. Grow your business with us.

The grocery stores, the quality food product shops, the neighborhood shops that select and offer a complete range of meatcuts, cheeses, pasta and wine, are strategic to the consumer in search for quality and service. We help you discover Italian products through the storytelling of an extraordinary territory, which has always made of food and wine culture its strength.

Trends, news, products and protagonists

Our job is to keep you updated with product news and technologies that can help you work better. We follow the evolution of the market and consumption, catching trends in advance in a constantly changing scenario.

Italian delicatessen products, a neverending storytelling.
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Food is culture, history and tradition. Discover it with us.
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