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The FAO Meat Price Index - March 2021

The FAO Meat Price Index - March 2021

The FAO Meat Price Index* averaged 98.9 points in March, up 2.2 points (2.3 percent) from February, continuing the upward trend for the sixth consecutive month, but still stood slightly (0.5 percent) below its value a year ago. Poultry and pig meat quotations increased, underpinned by a fast pace of imports by Asian countries, mainly China. A surge in internal sales in Europe in preparation for the Easter celebrations also supported pig meat prices. Bovine meat prices remained steady at close to the February levels, as increases in quotations for Brazil and the United States of America compensated a decrease in export prices from Australia. By contrast, ovine meat prices fell on increased supplies from New Zealand, as farmers offloaded animals early due to the prevailing dry weather.

* Unlike for other commodity groups, most prices utilised in the calculation of the FAO Meat Price Index are not available when the FAO Food Price Index is computed and published; therefore, the value of the Meat Price Index for the most recent months is derived from a mixture of projected and observed prices. This can, at times, require significant revisions in the final value of the FAO Meat Price Index.

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