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The FAO Meat Price Index - January 2021

The FAO Meat Price Index - January 2021

The FAO Meat Price Index* averaged 96.0 points in January, up 0.9 points (1.0 percent) from December 2020, marking the fourth consecutive monthly increase, but still down 7.6 points (7.3 percent) from the corresponding month last year. International price quotations for all meat types that constitute the index increased in January, with those of poultry meat rising the most, especially for Brazilian origins, underpinned by brisk global import demand while avian influenza outbreaks constrained poultry exports from several European countries. Despite high purchases by China in the run-up to the country’s New Year celebrations, bovine and pig meat price quotations increased only slightly, as global supplies remained adequate to meet demand. Ovine meat prices firmed for a fourth consecutive month, driven by tight supplies from Oceania and strong demand from China.

* Unlike for other commodity groups, most prices utilised in the calculation of the FAO Meat Price Index are not available when the FAO Food Price Index is computed and published; therefore, the value of the Meat Price Index for the most recent months is derived from a mixture of projected and observed prices. This can, at times, require significant revisions in the final value of the FAO Meat Price Index.


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