Edizioni Pubblicità Italia

Is the monthly magazine about the economy, regulatory and technology of all meats.
Its articles vary from the European legislation to the production, manufacturing, processing and commercialization of all meats, up to case studies on leading Companies, international events, fairs and meetings.
"Eurocarni" is not a simple magazine. It is a real operating instrument for the meat industry.
Premiata Salumeria Italiana
Is the bimonthly magazine specialized in genuine Italian food.
Each issue is characterized by a deep focus on the production of Italian delicatessen products such as coldcuts, cheese, pasta, olive oil, vinegar and wine.
It is a precious tool for all delicatessen producers that spread the culture of the Italian quality food through out the national and international markets.
Il Pesce
Is the bimonthly magazine specialized in the Italian and international aquaculture and fish industry.
The articles of "Il Pesce" host contents on aquaculture companies, on main issues of the fish sector up to the technology and scientific training of fish industry operators.
"Il Pesce" is a point of reference for the Italian and European fish sector.
AFI - Annuario delle Farmacie in Italia
The databank of all private and public Italian pharmacies.
Annuario del Pesce e della Pesca
The European database for the fish and aquaculture industry. An updated databank of the fish sector with full information on suppliers, aquaculture companies, traders and markets.
Euro Annuario Carne
The European and extra European database for the meat industry. An updated databank of all companies dedicated to slaughtering, processing, distributing fresh meat and meat products.
Euro Genuine Food
The yearbook of all European PDO, PGI, TGS products, from Producer to Consumer
US. Annuario dei Fornitori della Sanità in Italia
The databank that promotes the contact between suppliers and buyers of tools and services in the public and private Italian health sector.